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New Computer Installation

Only $60.00


Add $30.00 To Move Data 

From the Old Computer

To the Newone

Only $60.00

Install and Setup your computer standard components:

Monitor, keyboard, mouse and speakers

External Hard Disk and/or CD Drive

Internet connection to existing wired or wireless router or access point

Plus FREE Computer Tune-Up & FREE ANTIVIRUS 

Windows Update Setup

Uninstall unnecesary software

Brand new PC is preinstalled with a bunch of special offers, trial software and crap software that you will never need

Add $30.00 

To Move Data from the Old Computer to the Newone

Featured Installation Services

New Computer Installation


New Computer Installation

Free Computer Tune-Up


Brand new PC is preinstalled with a bunch of special offers and crap software that you will never need

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Printer & All-In-One Installation

$30.00 & $60.00

Printers & All-in-One Installation

Shared $15.00 & 30.00

Per Computer
Print & Scan from any computer or laptop in your home or office

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Wired & Wireless Router Installation

$30.00 & $60.00

Wired & Wireless Router Installation

One Wireless Devices FREE

$15.00 Per Device

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Hardware Installation

Computer Hardware Installation

From $30.00

Memory, video card, hard drive, optical drive, CPU, power supply


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Software Installation

From $30.00

Office, Windows OS, Quickbooks, Contact Management, EMR


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Wiring Installation

From $30.00

Network Wiring Cat 5e, Cat 6e, Security Cameras & TV

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Software Solutions


Electronic Medical Records

Remote Desktop Solutions

Accounting Software


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